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  • KFC's new design in Bracknell

    KFC to have 500 stores open by end of the week


    KFC will have over 500 stores open for contactless delivery by the end of this week.

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    Snapshot: Discombobulating Fried Chicken at KFC


    It’s been weeks since a state of lockdown was imposed on the UK and I suspect I’m not the only one missing the colonel. The news that KFC was reopening was a welcome relief. So I went, and as delicious as the food was, visiting a KFC during lockdown is a discombobulating experience.

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    Starbucks to open 150 stores


    Starbucks has announced it will open approximately 150 stores across the UK for takeaway and drive-thru this week.

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    Analysis & Insight

    Navigating the double edged sword of delivery


    Delivery and takeaway are one of the only tangible ways left for operators to serve customers during the coronavirus outbreak. With consumers no longer able to eat out, common sense logic assumed they would simply transfer spending to delivery. Yet for various reasons, this has not played out as expected, ...

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    Delivery relaunches continue to grow


    Pret, Giggling Squid, Turtle Bay, Ping Pong Dim Sum and 7Bone Burger Co. are some of the latest operators to reopen sites this week for delivery and collection.

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    KFC opens drive-thrus


    KFC has opened the drive-thru lanes in 55 of its 100 restaurants already operating for delivery.

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    Restaurants relaunch delivery options


    Bone Daddies, Meatliquor and The Coconut Tree are among the latest restaurant operators to reopen select sites on a takeaway only basis.

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    KFC to have 100 delivery sites open next week


    KFC has announced plans to open a further 80 sites for delivery, which will bring its UK total to 100 by Monday next week.

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    Peter Martin: How to make friends, and influence the right people


    The prime minister is safely back in Downing Street, and there are more signs of life in the out-of-home market as the likes of Burger King, Pret a Manger and KFC take tentative steps to reopen sites. But for much of the hospitality and leisure sector the outlook remains uncertain and confusing. Last week’s pronouncement by chief medical officer Chris Whitty that “disruptive” social distancing is likely to be a feature of day-to-day life even until the end of the year, did nothing to calm the nerves of an already under pressure industry.

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    Editor’s Opinion: Hang tight and plan your return


    The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc. It’s claimed hundreds of thousands of lives around the world and numbers continue to rise. As dreadful as that is, the long term socio-economic impact is more disturbing. The virus has created a level of disruption to health, society, and the economy that’s never happened before, outside of wartime. And while there is plenty of speculation on how life in general may get back to normal post-lockdown, with vaguely optimistic or pessimistic dates floating around, there is no clarity on how or when this might end.

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    Timeline: How the coronavirus crisis unfolded


    Here are just some of the twists and turns over the last few weeks. If you want to read all the MCA coverage of the coronavirus crisis click here.

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    Deliveroo NHS campaign raises £1.5m


    A Deliveroo campaign to feed NHS staff has raised more than £1.5m, which will go towards its pledge to provide 500,000 free meals.

  • KFC's new design in Bracknell

    KFC reopens select delivery-only sites


    KFC has reopened several restaurants for delivery only, with further reopenings planned in the coming weeks.

  • KFC

    Yum Brands raises fresh capital, launches employee support funds


    Yum Brands, the global operator of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, has raised fresh capital from bond investors, allowing the company to increase its size by $100m (to $600m).

  • Loungers

    Loungers, Fuller’s and BRG announce closures, to-go transitions continue


    Loungers is the latest operator to announce an estate-wide temporary restaurant closure due to the impact of COVID-19, and Fuller’s will close all London pubs. 

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    KFC’s Jo Tivers: “I love pickled and fermented ingredients - they go so well with the KFC Original Recipe”


    KFC’s NPD team lead discusses the success of its Vegan Burger, where KFC plans to take its plant-based menu next and why texture is too often overlooked by product developers.

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    Analysis & Insight

    Instagram: Looking Good Enough To Eat


    No dish reaches the candy pink menu at EL&N cafe without having its photo taken first. The chain’s head of food Daniel Booth will “play around with dishes during the development process, taking photos to see how they look through a lens before finalising them,” says head of marketing Sahar Mahdavian. The result is immaculate. Sambazon acai smoothie bowls and edible flowers perch pristinely on ancient grain granola, more modern art than breakfast. 

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    Analysis & Insight

    Delivery promiscuity in a fragmented market


    Casual dining brands are becoming more promiscuous with delivery operators, MCA analysis has revealed.

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    Steve Gotham: Recovering confidence and and accelerating growth in 2020


    Encouragingly for most, MCA predicts that 2020 will see stronger net physical increases in store portfolios across the majority of leading operators.MCA’s Operator Data Index includes over 350 branded operators with five or more outlets at December 2019. These stretch across the full spectrum of the market and account for close to 27,000 outlets which claimed modest overall year on year growth of just under 1% in 2019. We are expecting this growth rate to double to 2% in December 2020, with over 500 net new outlets to open, equating to 11 per week.

  • By Chloe

    Planting the right seeds for sustained growth


    Veganism has been labelled the megatrend of the next decade and the statistics back up this claim. Last month, more than 400,000 people signed up to this year’s Veganuary campaign, a 60% increase on last year, fuelled by shows such as Netflix’ recent “Game Changers” documentary. Whilst uptake of pure vegans has increased markedly, there’s also a very large market out there for people that simply want to reduce their meat intake, whether that is for environmental or perceived health reasons, rather than just animal welfare reasons. Sainsbury’s recent Future of Food report, which looks ahead to 2025, predicts 25% of adults will be either be vegan or vegetarian by then, with the proportion of ‘flexitarians’ set to rise to 50%.