McDonald’s and KFC have both more than doubled their share of the total delivery market since 2019, Lumina Intelligence research finds.

McDonald’s, the second biggest brand in delivery after Domino’s, has grown its share of the total delivery market from 4% in 2019 to 6% in 2021.

KFC, the third biggest brand in the market, grew from 2% to 4% during the same period, Lumina’s Foodservice Delivery Market report reveals.

The rapid expansion of the fast-food brands’ delivery offering has come at the expense of more established players’ market share.

Domino’s, while still by the far the largest, has lost total share, going from 14% in 2019, to 12% in 2021, albeit of a drastically enlarged market.

Papa John’s and Pizza Hut have remained static, both at 4% of market share.

Together, the top five delivery brands account for nearly a third of the total delivery market. 

The top five also achieved double digit delivery turnover growth from 2019-2021F.

McDonald’s and KFC have both more than doubled delivery turnover across the period rolling out delivery services to more stores and partnering with multiple delivery aggregators.

McDonald’s grew turnover by 103% from 2019-2021, while KFC grew by 244.5%, albeit from a lower base.