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    What it’s like to operate in lockdown part 3: Burger King


    Burger King UK opened a further eight sites for delivery yesterday, with more to follow in the coming weeks. Discussing the move, CEO Alasdair Murdoch tells MCA how the company has developed a new safety-first operating system,  and why being early puts the brand on the front foot against its competitive rivals. 

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    ​Bridgepoint sets up £3m covid-19 hardship fund


    Bridgepoint, the backer of Burger King, Azzurri Group, Market Halls and Deliveroo, has set up a £3m hardship fund to support charities and communities affected by Covid-19.

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    Peter Martin: How to make friends, and influence the right people


    The prime minister is safely back in Downing Street, and there are more signs of life in the out-of-home market as the likes of Burger King, Pret a Manger and KFC take tentative steps to reopen sites. But for much of the hospitality and leisure sector the outlook remains uncertain and confusing. Last week’s pronouncement by chief medical officer Chris Whitty that “disruptive” social distancing is likely to be a feature of day-to-day life even until the end of the year, did nothing to calm the nerves of an already under pressure industry.

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    Burger King CEO calls for compromise over rents


    Burger King UK CEO Alasdair Murdoch has called on landlords to work together with F&B tenants to find a solution the impasse over rents. In an open letter, Murdoch said the situation was no one’s fault, but that the leases signed pre-covid-19 did not consider the current reality facing occupiers ...

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    Downey’s nine-month rent free proposal backed by industry leaders


    Jonathan Downey’s nine-month rent time out proposal will be put to Government this week, backed by a number of industry leaders.

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    Editor’s Opinion: Hang tight and plan your return


    The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc. It’s claimed hundreds of thousands of lives around the world and numbers continue to rise. As dreadful as that is, the long term socio-economic impact is more disturbing. The virus has created a level of disruption to health, society, and the economy that’s never happened before, outside of wartime. And while there is plenty of speculation on how life in general may get back to normal post-lockdown, with vaguely optimistic or pessimistic dates floating around, there is no clarity on how or when this might end.

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    Timeline: How the coronavirus crisis unfolded


    Here are just some of the twists and turns over the last few weeks. If you want to read all the MCA coverage of the coronavirus crisis click here.

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    Burger King to re-open select sites


    Burger King has announced it will begin reopening sites for delivery.

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    Deliveroo NHS campaign raises £1.5m


    A Deliveroo campaign to feed NHS staff has raised more than £1.5m, which will go towards its pledge to provide 500,000 free meals.

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    Dishoom, Burger King and Caffé Nero remove to-go and delivery options


    Dishoom, Burger King and Caffé Nero are among the latest operators to announce a full estate-wide closure, removing collection, takeaway and delivery options. 

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    Support needed for ‘vital’ takeaway and delivery services during lockdown


    Restaurants and cafes will continue to be able to offer food delivery and takeaway under exemptions to the UK lockdown, the government has said.

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    Why are big brands abandoning takeaway and delivery?


    Takeaway and delivery last week emerged as a possible silver lining to the biblical storm clouds posing an existential threat to the restaurant and bar industry.

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    UKH and Industry CEOs call on Government for immediate support


    In a joint letter with UK Hospitality, over 200 CEOs from across the hospitality industry have appealed to the Prime Minister to ’act without delay’ in implementing immediate government support for the sector.

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    Getting social - the risks and rewards


    As Chancellor Rishi Sunak grinned next to an unnecessarily large bag of Yorkshire Tea and Jacob Rees-Mogg threw caution to the wind in clutching a single walkers crisp, social media managers everywhere groaned in solidarity. “Look how relatable we are,” called the two men, “so normal!” Within minutes, Twitter warriors throughout the country were primed for battle. Yorkshire Tea, Walkers and Pringles (which committed the crime of simply sitting, unopened, on Reese-Mogg’s desk), were immediately inundated with online abuse.

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    Analysis & Insight

    Delivery promiscuity in a fragmented market


    Casual dining brands are becoming more promiscuous with delivery operators, MCA analysis has revealed.

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    Planting the right seeds for sustained growth


    Veganism has been labelled the megatrend of the next decade and the statistics back up this claim. Last month, more than 400,000 people signed up to this year’s Veganuary campaign, a 60% increase on last year, fuelled by shows such as Netflix’ recent “Game Changers” documentary. Whilst uptake of pure vegans has increased markedly, there’s also a very large market out there for people that simply want to reduce their meat intake, whether that is for environmental or perceived health reasons, rather than just animal welfare reasons. Sainsbury’s recent Future of Food report, which looks ahead to 2025, predicts 25% of adults will be either be vegan or vegetarian by then, with the proportion of ‘flexitarians’ set to rise to 50%.

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    Casual Dining back in growth in 2020


    The leading casual dining brands are set to return to growth of around 1% in 2020, according to MCA Insight. The growth was largely due to a combination of inflationary pressures easing, and the stablising political climate boosting consumer confidence, it said. The sample of 250 casual dining brands, from large operators like KFC down to smaller operators like Flat Iron, found growth would return in 2020 after declines of -3.5% and -2.8% across 2018 and 2019.

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    Burger King UK embraces being a 'follower not a leader'


    Burger King UK has “embraced being a follower, with an ambition to be a fast one” Tim Love, the brand’s digital marketing manager told delegates at MCA’s Hostech event this week.

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    Review of the Year part One


    Amid a backdrop of casual dining carnage and CVAs around every corner, the industry had plenty of news in 2019. But Pizza Express delivered drama. With 490 sites in the UK, Pizza Express is a national institution. So when it announced a net debt pile of £1.1bn earlier this year, and premature rumours of its demise hit the airwaves, the country rallied itself in the way it does best these days – by keyboard.

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    Mixing politics with advertising: a risk worth taking?


    What do politicians and fast food have in common? No, not a new deal every day and a tendency to fall slightly short of what the menu promises, but cause to print a huge Whopper on the side of a bus, apparently. In a world where an advertisement for Iceland that dared to criticise palm oil is met with uproar and banned for being ‘too political,’ brand engagement with political debate may seem like something best avoided.