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    Online sales soar at Domino’s


    Online sales now account for 95% of sales in the UK, Dominos has said in its Q3 trading update.

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    Domino’s announces board appointments


    Domino’s Pizza Group has appointed two new non-executive directors to its board, while made interim CFO Neil Smith’s role permanent.

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    JDW scheme ‘cheaper than McDonald’s’


    JD Wetherspoon launches a ‘Stay Out To Help Out’ scheme today (Tuesday September 1).

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    Domino’s hails ‘resilient’ lockdown performance


    Domino’s UK & Ireland has reported UK like-for-like sales up 4.8% for the half year to 28 June 2020.

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    Big fat stats put the obesity debate back on the menu


    There are times everyone needs a juicy bacon cheeseburger, a big portion of chips, a three piece KFC, a pepperoni pizza, lots of chocolate, a few scoops of ice cream or some crisps. Not altogether obviously, that would be far too delicious. But individually, and as an occasional treat, where’s the harm? The trouble is the UK has long suffered from a lack of restraint. Couple that with our love of takeaways and a national diet rooted in stodgy classics and we have reached a point where the government estimates that 63% of adults in England are overweight or obese. It says one in three kids leaves primary school overweight or obese. Obesity related illness costs the NHS over £6bn every year. Those are big fat stats.

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    CMA’s decision on Amazon/Deliveroo deal ‘suffers from a critical flaw in logic’


    The Competition and Markets Authority’s revised provisional findings that the Amazon/Deliveroo deal will not result in a substantial lessening of competition “suffer from a critical flaw in logic,” Domino’s has said.

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    Domino’s lfls up 6.1% in half year to date


    Domino’s UK like for like sales were up 6.1% for the first half of the year to date.

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    Dominic Walsh: Rent, Landlords, and Wild Times at Dominos


    For years, Domino’s Pizza was a cash machine for all involved. Management notched up some serious bonuses and incentives by delivering the goods year after year, while long-standing shareholders such as Nigel Wray and Colin Halpern, who is also the group’s vice chairman, coined it as the share price rose inexorably. Also happy were the franchisees, many of whom went from pizza maker to millionaire entrepreneur in as long as long as it took to establish their new shop – not a lengthy process in those days.

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    Amazon/Deliveroo platform will ‘substantially decimate margins’


    Deliveroo have been a major part of the destruction of the restaurant industry and demise of the high street, All Our Bars CEO Paul Wigham has said.

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    Steve Gotham: Lesson One in leveraging delivery – appraise the competition


    With the fast diminishing prospects of restaurants being able to re-open sooner rather than later, there is increasing importance on leveraging delivery as a business revenue stream. MCA’s Menu Tracker insights have recently been augmented with some delivery menu analysis. This has extended to 38 operators across four channels, comprising chain restaurants, fast food – traditional and contemporary, as well as the delivery specialists (the raft of pizza purveyors that include the likes of Domino’s, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut delivery).

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    Domino’s launches employee support fund


    Domino’s UK has launched a new employee support initiative, intended to provide financial aid to workers experiencing personal hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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    ​Steve Gotham: Contrasting coronavirus communications


    MCA’s Operator Data Index includes over 350 eating & drinking out chains with five outlets or more. We estimate these businesses generated a combined turnover of almost £27bn in 2019 – quite what this comparative will equate to in 2020 when the coronavirus dust eventually settles is a scary prospect. Many of these businesses have temporarily closed all operations, while a number are gallantly soldiering on with delivery or takeaway from selected locations only. Of those businesses still trading in some form, it is useful to review their online messages on how they are dealing with the coronavirus. Certainly, there are differences in how they are looking to both inform and reassure consumers.

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    Paul to replace Wild at Domino’s


    Former Costa CEO Dominic Paul will replace David Wild as Domino’s chief executive next month.

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    Deliveroo, Leon, Yard Sale Pizza and Pizza Punks lead the way on NHS fundraisers


    Over the weekend, operators including Deliveroo, Leon Yard Sale Pizza and Pizza Punks launched fundraising campaigns to support NHS staff and frontline workers. 

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    Domino’s sees acceleration in delivery sales


    Domino’s UK has reported an acceleration in delivery sales since the Government enforced closure of bars and restaurants. In the last week, trading for the group has increased, with growth in delivery more than offsetting the lack of collection orders, which typically accounts for around 20% of sales. ...

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    Costa, Domino’s and Pizza Hut mass-distribute to key workers and the vulnerable


    Costa, Dominos and Pizza Hut have all launched initiatives to deliver free food and drink to key workers and vulnerable communities.

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    Analysts’ verdict: Goodbody on the leisure shutdown


    With the pubs and restaurants now closed the remainder of the leisure sector saw further restrictions last night with collection and delivery now also being impacted.

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    Dom Walsh: A growing sense of the surreal


    It seems bizarre, but when I wrote my last column only a month ago, coronavirus was still pretty much a Chinese issue that seemed a long way removed from mainland Europe, let alone the UK. The subjects I touched on included the rise of vegan food, Dry January and the rise and rise of Greggs.

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    Listed groups make heavy losses amid coronavirus bloodbath


    Listed restaurant and pub suffered a day of carnage today as the coronavirus outbreak took its toll on operators’ share prices.

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    Shattock joins Domino’s


    Domino’s has appointed Matt Shattock, formerly of Cadbury and Unilever, as director and chairman.