A poll has shown that while 24% of people think restaurants provide the best service when buying coffee, only 1% thought the same for pubs.

The poll by HospitalityGEM showed restaurants second only to coffee shops (61%) on customer service with pubs bottom, picked by only 10 out of 800 respondents, below cafes, fast food restaurants and bars.

When it came to where customers were likely to spend most time while having a coffee, restaurants again came second to coffee shops, chosen by 29% and 53% of people respectively. Pubs were chosen by 2%, just ahead of fast food restaurants but behind cafes and tied with bars. This is despite the fact that 67% said they expected to get good quality coffee in a pub.

The survey also showed 10% of respondents would not wait less than 1 minute to be served in a coffee shop and 7% expected their order to be completed in that timeframe.

A total of 42% said they were now buying more coffee than 12 months ago. On price point, 61% said they expected to pay £1 to £2 on a regular Americano, 36% went for £2-£4 and 3% less than £1. A single respondent was willing to pay over £5.

When asked if service was an important factor in the choice of coffee shop chain, 85% said it was. On specific brands, 39% thought Costa offered the best service; 20% for Caffe Nero; 19% for Starbucks; 4% for Harris & Hoole; 2% for Coffee Republic and 1% for ATM Coffee with other brands taking 16% of the vote.