Carlsberg UK has revealed a new dispense system in a bid to improve beer quality and consumer experience, which it claims saves licensees money and time.

The Carlsberg Quality Dispense System (CQDS) chills the beer down to a consistent temperature as soon as it leaves the keg and keeps it cool throughout its journey from the keg to the glass.

The beer giant has claimed the benefits of the system include improved product quality, consistent dispense temperature, reduced line clearing wastage and labour costs, improved rate of sale and improved yield of keg.

This move comes after sector experts warned pubs that bad beer put them at risk of potential ruin last month (April).

The Valley pub in Anglesey, north Wales general manager Michael Lewis sells Carlsberg and outlined how having CQDS fitted has improved his business by saving him money.

He said: “I have used many so-called money saving dispense systems over the years so was a little cynical when I had the CQDS installed.

“With the consistency of the perfect pour every time, savings and profitability have shown instantly.

“In the first eight weeks, I have saved a considerable amount through the reduced wastage of pouring and line cleaning, and the added bonus of increased sales through the quality of the product.”

Carlsberg VP on-trade Per Svendsen highlighted the importance of providing customers with a perfect pint and experience.

He said: “This system is a significant innovation for both Carlsberg VP and the UK on-trade and it will help to ensure our customers are able to serve the perfect pint every time, through enhanced product quality at the point of sale, as well as reducing their own costs.

“We know it can improve overall customer satisfaction and consumer experience; and consumers are more likely to return to a pub where they know they will get a great quality pint, every time.”