The UK fast food market is estimated to grow to £10.5bn in 2010, representing steady annual average growth of around 4% per year, with the sandwich sector leading the way, according to a new report from Key Note.

The report also forecast that if coffee shops were included the market could reach £13.1bn in 2010.

The Fast Food and Delivery Outlets report said that the pizza, sandwiches and coffee shop sectors, which have shown the strongest growth in the past five years up to 2005, are likely to show the best growth prospects again.

The research said that the sandwich sector is set to be the fastest-growing part of the market in the next five years, with a 23.3% rise in market value predicted between 2006 and 2010, spurred on by a growing health consciousness among younger adults.

The pizza sector is also due to grow rapidly, with a 21.9% increase forecast in pizza sales up to 2010, aided by the rising demand for online ordering.

While sectors such as burgers and fish and chips are already mature markets and offer few opportunities for major expansion.