Worldpay has launched an extended trial of a software-only card payment mPOS (mobile point of sale).

My Business Mobile will allow businesses to download an app and accept face-to-face contactless card transactions on their smartphone without the need for any additional payments hardware.

The app will also accept payments via Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Although some mobile device payment solutions do exist that allow card payments, they still need a piece of hardware to make the payment – usually for the shopper to enter their PIN.

The development enables merchants such as coffee carts and market traders to take simple card payments on-the-go using just their smartphone.

The My Business Mobile app can be downloaded onto a smartphone to accept contactless card payments anywhere, any time of up to £30.

The technology is expected to appeal particularly to a range of small businesses including coffee carts, barbers, festival vendors, pop-up shops and market traders to take swift, easy on-the-go payments.

Nick Telford-Reed, director of technology innovation at Worldpay, said: “By taking hardware out of the equation, we are really bringing payments into the future.

”This revolutionary new technology app has the potential to enable micro-businesses to benefit from taking card payments without the need for dedicated hardware. We all carry a phone in our pocket, and now these sole traders and small businesses can use that same phone to take payments. They need never miss a sale.”