With the Easter bank holiday weekend almost upon us, MCA’s market insight director Steve Gotham offers up a bit of a light-hearted break from the norm with a test of your knowledge of the eating and drinking out market.

Now don’t tell the boss, but occasionally I moonlight as a quiz master. I say this in part by way of an introduction/excuse for this latest insight article veering away from the established thought-piece norm, and towards something rather different and just maybe, more entertaining. Alternatively, just regard this quiz as an early Easter present!

I should add that unfortunately, MCA’s coffers do not currently stretch to a prize fund, so just personal and professional pride at stake. I did also ponder about releasing the answers separately, but in these times of immediate gratification, I felt it best to include them as footnotes. Conferring is permitted, but please note, as in all proper quizzes, the quiz master’s word is final.

So, without more ado, and drawing upon the assorted databanks of MCA’s Eating Out Panel, Operator Data Index and Menu Tracker, eyes down and your multiple choice starters for 10 are as follows:

1. Regarding portfolio size, which of the following Asian-inspired chains traded from the most sites as of December 2018 – was it: Chopstix, Kokoro, Itsu or Wasabi?

2. Thinking about physical growth, which of the following operators, opened the most net new openings over the course of 2018 – was it PizzaExpress, Tony Macaroni or Zizzi?

3. Focussing on total annual turnover, which of the following burger businesses generated the highest UK sales over the course of 2018 – was it Byron, Five Guys, GBK or Honest Burgers?

4. In terms of pub management, which of the following brands is not part of the Mitchell’s & Butler’s stable – Ember Inns, Miller & Carter, Old English Inns or Vintage Inns?

5. Specifically regarding the dinner day-part, which of the following operators claimed the highest number of eating out occasions over the course of 2018 – was it McDonald’s, Nando’s or Wetherspoons?

6. Regarding eating out frequencies, which of the following day-parts was the most popular with consumers, and achieved the most visits (on average), over the first quarter of 2019 – was it breakfast, afternoon snack, dinner or evening snack?

7. Thinking about average spend per customer over the course of 2018, across the total eating out market, which of the following day-parts achieved the highest annual % growth – was it breakfast, lunch or dinner?

8. In terms of the most popular foods consumed out of home at dinner, which of the following did consumers tuck into the most during the first quarter of 2019 – was it a beef burger, curry, pizza or steak?

9. Specifically regarding dish counts flagged as ‘Vegan friendly’ on restaurant main menus, which of the following brands currently offers the lowest number of Vegan options – is it Busaba Eathai, Cabana, Camino or Côte?

10. Thinking finally about new product development, which of the following Italian brands has been busiest and is flagging the highest number of ‘new’ items on current Spring menus – is it ASK Italian, Jamie’s Italian or PizzaExpress?



0-2 – You most definitely need to get out more, as well as buy into more MCA insight products;

3-5 – Okay, but you could try harder and need to be clearer about development areas;

6-8 – Impressive score, you are a man/woman of the eating out world;

9-10 – Brilliant, you have exceptional knowledge and you are indeed an eating out market scholar (but please note, any MCA staff are excluded)




Answers: 1. Itsu; 2. Zizzi; 3. Five Guys; 4. Old English Inns; 5. Wetherspoons; 6. Breakfast; 7. Breakfast; 8. Beef burger; 9. Côte; 10. ASK Italian