Las Iguanas has introduced service robots at two restaurants to improve guest experience and support team members at its venues.

The Latin American-inspired restaurant chain will pilot six bots at its site in Cambridge and two at its site in Center Parcs Elvenden Forest. The trial partnership with Soft Bank Robotics follows a similar pilot at Bella Italia – also operated by the Big Table Group – in partnership with Pudu Robotics.

The robots will support team members with everyday tasks such as delivering food and drink to tables and returning used dishes to kitchens, allowing team members to spend more time on customer interaction.

Las Iguanas recently unveiled plans to open as many as thirty new restaurants in the next three years. Recent openings at Elveden and Canterbury will be joined this autumn by a new site in Peterborough.

The business is speaking with landlords in a number of towns and cities about further opportunities to expand the brand.

Alan Morgan, MD, Las Iguanas, and CEO, The Big Table Group, said: “Las Iguanas is a fun, vibrant and innovative brand, and we’re always looking for progressive ways to deliver the best possible experience for our guests, whether that’s by exploring new technologies, or through new product development.

“With the robots quite literally doing the heavy lifting, our serving staff will have more time to do what they love, engaging with customers and delivering amazing experiences, which in turn will lead to bigger tips and better guest feedback.”