“I don’t foresee good quality managed houses becoming available any time in the near future,” Kris Gumbrell, chief executive, Brewhouse & Kitchen told listeners to MCA’s The Conversation.

Gumbrell said that while he believes that sites will become available in the pub sector, “I think people will churn the bottom of their estates for cash”.

He said the lack of availability of good sites was likely to be exacerbated by the number of private players that have come into the pub market and are now on the search for sites. “It’s good for valuations for me but not necessarily for acquiring,” he added.

However Brewhouse & Kitchen is looking at a number of opportunities to take its business forward post reopening, including acquiring more sites, he said, adding that he doesn’t think he’ll be watching the weather so much in his life as he will be the week before 12 April.

Asked what he is hoping for from the Budget, and from government more long-term, Gumbrell said that business rates need to be addressed, and “certainly waived until at very least the end of this year”.

“Particularly in light of the changing landscape on the high street and the accelerated demise of retail, the UK is going to need leisure, it will need us as operators to revitalise and regenerate those high streets and the only way we are going to achieve that is by having a revision around business rates and a permanent new approach to how those are measured and set,” he said.

“We also need rebalancing around VAT. Dining out within the UK needs a boost and it needs the VAT cut. Those for us are the big key things,” said Gumbrell.

He added that he would also like to see some more incentives for investors to come in and replace the CBILS. “So many leisure operators are completely buried with debt – their cans have all been kicked down the road.

“We need to get investment back into the sector. Private equity is one thing but we need to get smaller investors to get confidence back in our sector. There are a number of levers the government could pull to get the smaller investor to get out there and back the sector,” he added.