The safe alcohol limits set by government are “useless”, according to studies cited in The Times. The article says that the recommended weekly drinking limits of 21 units for men and 14 for women have “no firm scientific basis” and were, according to a member of the original committee which drew them up, simply “plucked out of the air”. In reality, a safe level of alcohol intake varies enormously from person to person. The article points to subsequent studies that suggested the limits should be raised, but were ignored by a succession of health ministers. Meanwhile, a coalition of health organisations is mounting a campaign to force a 10% rise in alcohol taxation as well as stricter regulation of the drinks industry and warnings on alcohol advertising, including labelling on drinks themselves saying how many units they contain. Financial Times 20/10/07 page 11 (Comment & Analysis) The Times 20/10/07 page 1, page 6-7 Daily Mail 20/10/07 page 36