Stephen Thomas, the founder of Luminar, has revealed ambitions that No Saints – his new bar and restaurant group – will be a business of 75 outlets, four brands and a £100m turnover within five years In an interview in this month’s M&C Report journal Thomas says that the group, which has recently appointed Mike Balfour, the former boss of Fitness First as chairman, is his chance to prove that he can “do it all over again”. Besides The Greene Room, Thomas’ upscale bar project, and the revival of Chicago Pizza Pie Factory, the company also has two other concepts in the offing: these include Oyo Karaoke and Arena – a chain of music venues aimed at 20 – 30 year olds. The company has raised £3.4m via Hotbed, the Milton Keynes-based private equity fund that uses the finances of high net-worth individuals. It is also about to embark on a second round of fund raising in which it aims to raise £5m. As M&C Report revealed earlier this year, Thomas acquired the European rights to the brand Chicago Pizza Pie Factory following his departure from Luminar, the embattled nightclub business. These rights have now been transferred to No Saints for £85,000. The group’s first unit will be a Greene Room, with a capacity of 250, in a former Rat & Parrot pub in Milton Keynes that is being converted at a cost of £600,000. After that, sites will follow in locations in more affluent areas like Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Bristol, Canterbury, York and even some of the London suburbs. The third concept, which is further away from fruition than either Chicago Pizza Pie Factory or the Greene Room, is Oyo Karaoke. The Lucky Voice lookalike will target small groups who pay a booking fee and order food and drink to be delivered to their karaoke room. Private pods, bespoke playlists and personalised recordings will be central to the proposed concept. Brand number four is the Arena, a chain of large music venues aimed at the 20 to 30 age group – the closest to the Luminar clientele. Thomas told M&C Report: “I’m a man on a I’m now fully rested and have aspirations to build a big business. I’m really serious about proving a point to a few people that I can do it all over again.”