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  • Subway

    Operators trial “geo-fencing” app


    A number of leading operators have begun trialling “geo-fencing” technology which enables users of a smartphone app to receive notifications automatically whenever they enter a specific radius of one of their sites

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    Analysis & Insight

    Loch Fyne tops customer satisfaction poll


    Loch Fyne, the Greene King-owned brand, is delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the UK’s eating out sector, according to the latest findings from CGA Peach’s BrandTrack

  • News

    Holmes becomes ASK and Zizzi CEO


    Steve Holmes, the current managing director of ASK Italian, is to step up to become chief executive of the Gondola Group-owned brand and its sister chain Zizzi

  • Drinking beer in a pub

    Pub sector 'in best shape for three decades'


    The pub sector is in the best shape its been for three decades and it has plenty of scope to grow and take market share as the economy improves, according to leasing analyst Geof Collyer in an extensive report on the UK’s pub and restaurant industries

  • Lounge, Bedminster

    Quay destination


    In a first of a new series of city focuses, M C Report puts the spotlight on Bristol. It talks to local operators, some of whom have become national players, looks at others who are looking to take that step, and assesses the latest research on the area and ...

  • Brasserie Bar Co (Raymond Blanc and Mark Derry)

    Edward becomes Brasserie Bar Co chair


    Ian Edward, the corporate adviser to the eating and drinking-out market, is to become the new chairman of Brasserie Bar Co, the company behind the Raymond Blanc-inspired Brasserie Blanc and White Brasserie Company

  • Loungers Expo Lounge

    Loungers plans 20 openings in 2015


    Loungers, the Piper-backed cafe bar operator, is to increase its opening rate next year with up to 20 sites planned.

  • Brasserie Bar Co (Raymond Blanc and Mark Derry)

    Brasserie Bar Co secures £13.5m of new funding


    Brasserie Bar Co, the owner of the Brasserie Blanc chain and White Brasserie Company, has secured £13.5m of new funding to support the expansion of the group by at least 20 new sites over the next three years

  • Bill's

    Bill’s secures Tunbridge Wells site


    Bill’s Restaurants, the fast-growing Richard Caring-backed chain, has further strengthened its openings pipeline, after securing the Dame Tartine site in Tunbridge Wells

  • Tortilla

    ​​Former Loch Fyne MD to lead Tortilla


    Tortilla has appointed Richard Morris, former managing director of Loch Fyne Restaurants, as its new managing director to oversee its next stage of growth

  • Opinion

    Big shoes to fill


    I like to think that if Andrew Page, the retiring chief executive of The Restaurant Group, was a footballer, say for his beloved Fulham, he would be cast in what pundits like to call the “Claude Makelele-role”. Tidy, unfussy but essential in making the rest of the team tick. Sure there have been more high-profile chief executives, but for getting the job done at a consistent and high quality level, Page’s work over the last 12 years at the Frankie & Benny’s operator will take some beating. These are big shoes to fill indeed

  • News

    TRG takes C2C to Chelmsford


    The Restaurant Group (TRG) continues to grow its pipeline for its Coast to Coast brand, after securing a unit in Chelmsford

  • News

    Derry eyes 25 more White Brasserie pubs


    Restaurant entrepreneur Mark Derry is looking to expand his fledgling White Brasserie pub concept by around 25 sites over the next two or three years using a new-style lease

  • Byron Canary Wharf
    Analysis & Insight

    Break out for Byron


    Earlier this month, the Gondola Group’s chief executive Harvey Smyth said that the last 12 months had been a break-out year for the company’s burger brand, Byron. On Friday, those words took on new meaning. A process that had stalled back in June was jump started by an off-market approach by Hutton Collins. But what changed in the last three or so months and what next for both Byron and Gondola?

  • News

    Greene King launches 'biggest multi-brand gift card'


    Greene King, the brewer and pub operator, has launched what it claims to be the biggest multi-brand pub and restaurant gift card in the UK

  • Analysis & Insight

    Less buzz, more longevity


    Back in January 2008, the world was a different place. Post the Lehman Brothers crash, the talk then was that the “dip in the economy” as it was seen then, would correct itself by the summer and the previous period of growth would be back before the run up to Christmas. At the same time, M&C Report was picking its hot concepts to look out for in the coming 12 months

  • Rooney Anand

    Proud of its past, looking to the future


    Rooney Anand, chief executive of Greene King, talks brewing, brands and banking collapses with Roger Protz

  • News

    Greene King: the middle, food strategy, brands


    M&C Report takes a closer look at the full-year results for Greene King, the brewer and pub operator, for the year to 28 April

  • Weekend Press

    Weekend press round-up, 22-23 June


    Food-on-the-go Pret A Manger seeks £375m debt refinancing Pret A Manger is seeking to raise a new £375m loan to refinance existing debt and pay a dividend to private equity owner Bridgepoint. The London-based firm has mandated HSBC, Rabobank, ING Bank, RBS, Bank of Ireland, BNP Paribas and ...

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    PBT declines at Loch Fyne