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  • Calzone Nauja 4

    Pizza Express: ‘We are starting to experiment with much more interesting flavours’


    Pizza Express’ food and beverage director, Jane Treasure, talks to Sarah Sharples about trends coming out of Italy, the pace required in innovation and why meat indulgence isn’t going anywhere.


    Brewhouse & Kitchen: ‘Pubs are starting to think more like restaurants’


    Brewhouse & Kitchen’s head of food and innovation, Tommy Knight, reveals to Food Spark’s Sarah Sharples some of the dishes coming to the new menu in October, how he is using spent grains to make nachos and the possibility of a beer doughnut ice cream sandwich.

  • Nisha Katona

    Nisha Katona: ‘What is trending is affordability’


    The founder of Mowgli chats with Food Spark’s Sarah Sharples about Yogurt Chat Bombs, the four pillars of her business and what’s emerging in the UK’s regional food scene.

  • Kings Head (7)

    Profile: Monster collection


    With a model of lucrative sites in statement tourist locations, The Inn Collection Group has its sights set on the lucrative Lake District. Managing director Sean Donkin lays out these plans from the group’s flagship Bamburgh Castle Inn, and explains why he won’t stray from the middle market.

  • 190610_Coqfighter_047

    Coqfighter: chicken for grown-ups


    In the early days of Coqfighter, a senior industry peer predicted that soon enough, they would be forced to ditch the vodka from their chicken batter due to mounting costs. The addition was inspired by Heston Blumenthal, with Coqfighter’s executive chef and ‘mad scientist’ Troy Sawyer using it to make the batter lighter and more crispy.

  • Andywaugh

    Profile: Wild things


    Mac & Wild’s co-founder Calum Mackinnon talks to Jo Bruce about plans for a new experiential brand, US expansion and capitalising on its retail arm.

  • Feature main shot

    Standard Bearers: meet the dream team behind London’s slickest new hotel


    Trendy US-owned hotel group The Standard is hoping to rip up the rulebook of high-profile hotel dining with its debut European hotel.

  • Pinion Launch Party_2018_09_22_05

    Gary Usher: ‘It’s annoying not understanding things on the menu’


    Ahead of a documentary tracking the opening of his fifth restaurant in Prescot, the founder of Elite Bistros talks to Food Spark’s Tom Lee about the pros and cons of cookery shows, simplifying menus and the many uses of a konro grill.

  • Ahrash & Ny (Chin Chin Founders

    Generation Next: Chin Chin’s nitrogen ice cream


    Three-strong nitrogen ice cream specialist Chin Chin has brought desserts made using techniques associated with high-end restaurants to a much wider audience. Sophie Witts reports.

  • 26937350508_3299cc7c3e_o

    Bleecker: Building up a better burger


    Bleecker Burger may have one of the best quality burgers on the market – but is that enough? Founder Zan Kaufman grapples with high expectations, relinquishing responsibility and building a culture that goes beyond a world-class burger.

  • Simon Wilkinson

    Big Interview: Byron boss on burgers, breakfast and Brexit


    It’s fitting that Simon Wilkinson joined Byron Burger as CEO on the first of May, aka Mayday, aka the universal call of distress. Established in 2007, Byron was once a leader in the premium burger space, and it was sold for a very tasty £100m in 2013. But it was subsequently troubled by a combination of new competition and the general malaise affecting the sector and it came close to collapse. In January 2018 it underwent a CVA restructure that saw it close around a third of its 67-strong estate.

  • Interviews

    The leaner restaurateur


    The instant success of Blacklock makes founder Gordon Ker’s transition from lawyer to restaurateur seem easy – though it was far from it. In the latest series of our Founders’ Forum Focus series, he tells MCA how he turned a damp-infested brothel into one of the most sought-after restaurants in London. Finn Scott-Delany reports

  • Interviews

    Fuelling growth


    Jo Cumming, co-owner of Food & Fuel, the food-led pub operator, talks to Mel Flaherty about expansion, working with Ei Group, the biggest changes she has seen across the industry and embracing the needs of Millennials

  • Interviews

    Homeslice - putting pizza centre stage


    With a disregard for any rules and a left-field approach to toppings, it’s clearly no traditional pizzeria. But, as Mel Flaherty found out, Homeslice is carving out a name for itself in an increasingly congested sector

  • Interviews

    Prezzo: 300 and growing


    As Prezzo passes the 300-site milestone, Jon Hendry-Pickup reflects on the challenges and opportunities for the group – including exploiting all dayparts, maximising the opportunities in at-home eating and rolling out three very different brands.

  • Interviews

    Bringing good food to the masses


    Here Henry Dimbleby, co-founder of Leon and London Union talks to MCA’s sister publication The Grocer about the high street chain, street food, clean eating and school food

  • Interviews

    Italian lessons


    With the demise of its Union Jacks brand and the furore over its comments about Brexit, Jamie’s Italian is taking some strong learnings into the coming years. The company’s chief executive Simon Blagden talks to Joe Lutrario at Restaurant magazine

  • Interviews

    New Diageo boss outlines spirit giant’s big plans


    Diageo’s UK operations are in good form, but the spirit giant’s new boss Charles Ireland has big plans to shake things up while he’s in office

  • Interviews

    Tava Kitchen offers Asian angle


    While Mexican chain Chipotle is the model many want to imitate, Tava Kitchen – originally dubbed ‘Burrotis’ – is targeting a similar rise, but with south Asian food. Kerstin Kühn reports

  • Interviews

    ​Five minutes with… Charlie Carroll, Flat Iron


    This week, MCA takes five minutes with Flat Iron founder Charlie Carroll