With 10 million annual visitors expected at London’s Olympia development, Incipio Group’s new venue will ensure it caters to a “wide range of drinking and dining experiences,” CEO Edward Devenport tells MCA.

The bar group announced yesterday that it will bring an elevated F&B offer to a 39,000 sq ft space in the £1.3bn, 14 acre development in west London.

The venue will add to Incipio’s existing estate, which includes The Prince, The Libertine, and Pergola on the Wharf.

“The 39,000 sq ft space will be an exciting canvas for Incipio,” Devenport says. “With over 10 million visitors expected annually, it’s really important that we cater to a wide range of experiences.

“Incipio will be opening several concepts, carefully curated to meet the needs and desires of these various audiences.

“Whether it’s an office worker grabbing a quick coffee and breakfast on the go, families enjoying a weekend outing, or Londoners seeking unique dining experiences, there will be something for everyone.”

While remaining tight-lipped about details, Devenport says that the concepts will be “fresh and innovative. The group prides itself on creating new, site-specific brands.

“While some concepts at Olympia will be entirely new, others will draw inspiration from Incipio’s existing brands,” he adds. “For instance, while the Pergola concept has evolved since its inception nearly 10 years ago, elements of its success and uniqueness will influence new concepts at Olympia.

“As we prepare to launch at Olympia, we’re leveraging insights and trends learned from our existing venues which are all unique and operate very differently to one another.”

“Continual evolution is essential to meet evolving consumer preferences and trends in the hospitality industry.”

Over nearly five years of collaboration with Yoo Capital, which is spearheading the Olympia development, Incipio has “delved deeply” into understanding the audience and the unique identity, history, and offering at the space, he explains.

“Our team, supported by exceptional partners, has crafted concepts and brands tailored to the spirit and purpose of the space.”

Deciding on the right concept for a space is a collaborative process at Incipio. The group has immersed itself in understanding the history, surroundings, and operational challenges at Olympia to ensure each concept resonates.

“This entails analysing the likes of the local environment, demographics, and architectural influence,” Devenport continues. “Through a blend of creativity and practicality, we aim to create innovative ideas that push boundaries while remaining feasible and deliverable.

“Our guest-first approach ensures that each concept is meticulously designed to meet the preferences, expectations, and needs of visitors.”