TripAdvisor has added an analytics dashboard feature for restaurants, attractions and accommodation venues to monitor trends from data on their sites.

The tool is based on user feedback to provide registered business owners with insights and trend data about their reviews, ranking and competitors in an interactive online display.

The Review Performance lets businesses track trends and benchmark their own performance with competitors – a feature previously only available to hotels and accommodation providers – now all businesses can monitor competitor performance in weekly, monthly and quarterly displays.

It is free for all registered users with data available in weekly, monthly and quarterly sets for up to 10 competitor sets. It lets businesses compare their reviews with competitors over time and present the information as a consolidated display on an easy-to-access dashboard.

“According to the recent research conducted by Atmosphere Research Group in partnership with TripAdvisor, highly engaged businesses get more visibility, have higher popularity rankings and receive more booking enquiries through TripAdvisor. In fact, highly engaged hotels receive almost four times more page views and are on average 63% higher in popularity ranking than non-engaged hotels,” said Minesh Shah, senior director, global hotel partnerships, TripAdvisor.

“The Review Performance report has been designed to make it is easier for businesses to engage with their TripAdvisor listing and their guest feedback,” continued Shah. “What makes this new dashboard so valuable for registered business owners is that it automatically aggregates performance trends and presents them in an easy-to-digest display, placing valuable learnings at their fingertips to help them drive engagement and optimise their presence on TripAdvisor.”