Hospitality recruiter Luckylink is preparing to unveil a new tool to fight the staff shortage crisis – EVA the robot.

EVA is a recruiter-bot hardwired with Artificial Intelligence, and is currently being trained by Luckylink’s recruitment executives as an entry-level specialist, assisting in the team in candidate sourcing and screening.

Launching in October, Luckylink say after a brief training Eva will then have the knowledge of a recruitment executive with two years experience.

The technology sources a large volume of candidates by scouring digital and physical databases.

The robot reviews every available profile and CV to produce a comprehensive pool of potential candidates, and screens for suitability using both AI and the recruitment team to talk through candidates’ cultural fit with the potential employer.

The use of statistical algorithms makes it possible to match suitable – though this decision-making is checked by a human team member.

Eva can also schedule interviews and trial shifts, arranging and aligning diaries.

Max Knupfer, chief recruitment officer at Luckylink Recruitment, said: “Our recruiters are at least four times more productive than those in a traditional agency, all thanks to EVA and her AI technology. Speed and cost of hire is critical to our uncompromising clients, we can meet their expectations thanks to the power of this technology.”

Ben Kaminsky, founder & chief executive of Luckylink, added: “Hospitality employers don’t want to waste time and money chatting to, meeting with, and hiring irrelevant, unqualified, unvetted and temporary people.

“Likewise candidates wish to avoid injury “swiping right” tinder-style, on vacancies that are outdated, fake, and above all detrimental to their career development. We have built EVA, our amazing LUCKYLINK recruiter-bot to make the process painless and effortless. ‘She’ is already proving successful at helping the team, placing candidates and filling our clients vacancies.”