New World Trading Company has partnered with Wireless Social to analyses the impact of its brand campaigns.

The Graphite Capital-backed pub group has signed a five-year deal with Wireless Social, which will see the installation of Presence Analytics across its estate. These use the venue’s WiFi to collect data and monitor customer footfall, visit frequency, and dwell time to analyse the success of brand campaigns.

NWTC chief executive Chris Hill said: “With ambitious plans it’s pivotal for us to invest in a platform that provides us with a comprehensive understanding of our guests. Wireless Social and Presence Analytics open up so many opportunities to inform our plans from both a marketing and operational perspective.”

Wireless Social managing director Julian Ross added: “Now NWTC will not only be able to see whether campaigns have driven additional footfall into specific venues, it will also be able to use the insight to fully understand the needs of its customers and connect on a personal level.”