Dessert parlour brand Creams is introducing QR codes at its cafés as part of safeguarding and social distancing measures for dine-in customers.

Customers will be encouraged to scan a unique on-table code to view the Creams menu on their mobile device, which will also enable them to order and pay.

Each individual code links its specific table to Creams’ POS system and sends orders to the kitchen, relieving customers from the ordering at the till.

Throughout the day, customers will hear an ice cream van jingle, which will serve as a prompt to all team members to wash hands and sanitise surfaces.

Creams will also be undertaking a review of all sites with the aim of implementing a bespoke social distancing programme, unique to the floor plans at each location, over the coming weeks.

Lauren Haslewood, marketing director, said: “We’re proud to offer our customers a fun and most importantly, delicious experience each and every time they visit one of our cafés. Over the past weeks we have been exploring how to maintain this high level of customer experience whilst we ensure safety and adherence to government guidelines. When we open, our customers can be sure that although the environment will be fully sanitised, their experience will be as fun as ever.”