BigDish, the food technology company that operates a yield management platform for restaurants, has added 242 new restaurants in January.

The dynamic pricing platform reported a 387% increase in deal quality, and a 34% increase in 7 day availability.

BigDish has rolled out to national restaurant group Tasty, with 56 sites

There are currently 351 restaurants live on the BigDish platform and an additional 91 restaurants that have agreed to join BigDish, increasing the total to 442 restaurants.

The success of the platform at Wildwood Bournemouth will see the progression of the roll out to all Wildwood sites and also the dim t restaurant brands over the coming weeks.

Tom Sumner, CEO commented: “We have had a great start to the year. We have effectively doubled the number of restaurants on the platform in just one month as well as seen big increases across other key metrics. I am confident that we can continue to progress with the build out of what will become a national product.”