Timothy Taylor’s has commissioned a small batch brewery in a bid to find “the modern day equivalent of Landlord”, MCA has learnt.

Chief executive Tim Dewey told MCA the new facility – which can brew between five and 20 barrells – was brought on line at the beginning of last month.

He said that while seasonal beers were being considered, the main goal was to allow innovation.

He said: “If you think Landlord only came into being in the 1960s, my concern was where does the modern day Landlord come from?

“When the Tour de France came through Yorkshire a few years back we did a special beer called Le Blonde. It sold very well and it would have been good to carry on a bit longer but te problem was that without a major customer we couldn’t commit to producing more.

“With the new brewery we can make something and put it into our own estate and some friends nearby and allow it grow organically.”

But Dewey ruled out following the path of some long-established brewers who have created a craft-style sister range.

He said: “It would almost be doing a disservice to what we do because we would be saying what we do doesn’t involve craft.”