Culinary academy School of Wok is opening a sister school called the Oriental Culinary Institute Teaching to teach Oriental and Asian cuisine in at London’s Covent Garden.

The new Institute will offer accredited professional training in three week courses in Oriental and Asian cookery as well as consultancy, private training and one-on-one learning in its state of the art kitchen.

The OCI has been developed by chef Jeremy Pang who founded the School of Wok four years ago to offer consumer courses, to cater for a variety of tastes for both chefs and casual cooks.

Pang said: “Having been repeatedly approached by a number of professional outfits asking us if we could train their chefs, we decided to create something different, appealing to those who want to learn new skills or perfect the more sophisticated and lesser known cooking methods of Asian cuisine.”

As well as cookery techniques students will learn kitchen organisation and preparation in a commercial environment.

Ken Hom will host a public master class to celebrate the launch of the OCI on 28 November.