Premium Prosecco has seen a 150% hike in on-trade sales over the past year, according to Bibendum Wine Ltd.

Bibendum said as customers tastes evolved premium Prosecco (classed as costing 20% or more than the average price) is reaping the benefit. Sales of super-premium (classed as Prosecco which costs 50% or more than the average) has seen an increase of 295%.

The supplier said in the last quarter it had seen Prosecco sales up 33% volume and 15% value and expected the festive season to boost growth further.

Mark Riley, sales director for Bibendum, said: “It has been widely reported that Prosecco is driving massive growth within the sparkling wine category. It seems that now that there is an established customer base for Prosecco, the tastes of these customers are evolving.  Prosecco is no longer seen as a cheap alternative to Champagne, it is a category within its own right. Consumers are now looking to experiment within the category and trade up to try a more premium example of a sparkling wine they enjoy.”