The head of Molson Coors Scotland has said he is open to making acquisitions in the country’s craft beer sector.

Hugo Mills told the Herald Scotland: “Would we like to enter into that arena for Scotland? Yes, we absolutely would, for no other reason than to reinforce our own commitment to the Scottish marketplace. It wouldn’t have a material difference to our own profitability or commercial set-up. We would rather probably do it because we’d like to be encouraging and supportive of the development of some cracking small craft brewers.

“So if the right opportunity presented itself then yes, we would certainly consider it.”

Mills stressed that the sector was still in its infancy but represented great potential.

He said: “To the extent it will have a marked impact on the beer industry, I think it will require quite a few more years to make any material difference. The industry has proliferated in terms of the number of craft brewers. But the actual share of craft consumption still remains fairly small and fairly consistent.”