The Dutch brewer Grolsch has joined the rush for fruit-flavoured beers aimed at young people with a new drink, Zinniz, described as a drink between beer and soft drinks.

Zinniz, which will be launched in the Netherlands next month, is aimed at the 18 to 35 age group. Grolsch hopes to be selling 200,000 hectolitres of the drink a year by 2006.

Grolsch told a news conference: "While pilsner and special beers still enjoy massive popularity, consumer preferences especially among younger drinkers are gradually shifting towards fresh and sweeter flavours, more variety, greater convenience and image-enhancing products."

Zinniz, which will contain 5% alcohol, will be available in three fruit-based flavours. It will be packaged in colourful bottles and cans.

Grolsch said it had no current plans to introduce Zinniz in its other markets, such as the UK and Ireland. Its chief executive, Jacques Troch, said: "It is always interesting to eye other countries in the future, but that is not our focus."