Chapel Down has recorded its second highest harvest by volume with a 10% increase on last year.

The company noted the difficult start to the growing season with a number of vineyard sites hit by a frost in late April.

Chapel Down mitigates some of the risk of frosts by sourcing from 23 vineyards across the south east from Dorset in the west through Hampshire and Sussex to Kent in the east and Essex in the North.

Chief executive Frazer Thompson said: “Following a challenging start to the season, we enjoyed an excellent flowering season in June and a decent English summer in our vineyards. With an early harvest in good weather we were able to record our second highest ever harvest by volume – some 10% greater than last year. More importantly, with good vineyard management, we saw very good quality throughout the varieties, and some truly exceptional parcels of Chardonnay that will enable us to continue to surprise and delight customers with the highest quality wines. With demand continuing to exceed our ability to supply and the quality of wines continuing to improve, this harvest is further positive news for the group.”