Carlsberg UK has announced record sales growth of its premium Italian beer brand Birrificio Angelo Poretti.

The UK division of the Danish brewing giant said it had achieved sales up 150% from the YTD to July 2016 following increased investment and a national sampling campaign of Poretti.

Brewed in Varese on the outskirts of Milan, Poretti (4.8% ABV) originated in 1877, with the first brew created by founder, Angelo Poretti.

Liam Newton, vice president of marketing at Carlsberg UK, said: “Today, people have a much richer knowledge of and are far more excited about international beers – a movement that has been largely led by the Italian lager category.

“Italian culture is a prominent trend within the UK at the moment – from its food and drink, to its heritage – so it’s a great time to create a platform from which beer-drinkers can discover the great taste of Poretti.”

Carlsberg UK brews and sells Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export, Grimbergen, Poretti, Tuborg and Somersby Cider, as well as having the UK brand license for San Miguel and Mahou.

Last month the business announced it was building a premium brand and sales division called the House of Beers, dedicated to premium, world and craft beers and ciders.