Carlsberg UK has pledged its commitment to not selling carbonated products with more than four units of alcohol in a single can from autumn 2015.

The commitment is part of the Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal pledge on packaging that is part of a cross-industry partnership to ensure consumers are given full information in order to facilitate a responsible drinking environment.

Bruce Ray, corporate affairs director at Carlsberg UK, said: “As part of our leadership role within the UK alcoholic beverage industry, which has seen us sign up to 13 pledges to date, we recognise the important role packaging can play alongside other factors in creating a responsible drinking environment.

“It is clearly down to individual consumers how they drink our products, but to help create this responsible drinking environment, we will be reviewing our portfolio and withdrawing any single-serve cans containing over four units of alcohol from sale during 2015.

As part of the responsibility initiative Carlsberg UK will increase the innovation in its range of low alcohol and alcohol-free beers, including Holsten Alcohol-Free, Carlsberg Citrus (2.8% abv) and Skol Lager (2.8% abv).