Lincolnshire-based brewer Batemans has said it expects a record-breaking season for its festive ale, Rosey Nosey.

Last year sales of the seasonal brew grew by 13% compared to those in 2012, while orders from supermarkets increase by 50%. Since 2009, the beer’s sales have grown by 22.9% per year, with more than double the amount sold in 2013 as there was in 2009. For 2014, Batemans said it is aiming to increase total orders of both cask and bottle, with export sales expected to be a key contributor.

The brewer has shipped 120 barrels (the equivalent of 4,900 cases) of Rosey Nosey to US air force bases across the globe, including those in Korea, Okinawa, Japan and Europe. Batemans brewed a 6% ABV version of Rosey Nosey exclusively for these soldiers.

Marketing director Jaclyn Bateman, said: “We’ve been brewing Rosey Nosey since 2000, and its sales have grown healthily every year, with 2014 set to be a record year. We’ve seen an increased interest from supermarkets looking to offer their customers a festive beer with British roots, with Morrisons placing regular, large orders.

“Rosey Nosey is one of the most popular festive beers on the market, and has achieved an iconic status amongst our customers, with many saying it doesn’t feel like Christmas until they’ve enjoyed their first pint of the ale.”