Virtual Jukebox, has extended its agreement with Domino Pizza’s to supply music for the group’s dine-in venue near Maidstone.

Domino’s franchise manager, Ian Duxbury said: “We have partnered with Virtual Jukebox to help provide the best possible dining experience for our customers. The company has an outstanding reputation for its cutting edge technology and targeted playlists, offering the most flexible music solution available in today’s market place.”

Andy Hill, chief executive at Virtual Jukebox Limited, said: “We are delighted to continue supporting Domino’s Pizza. A trial earlier in the year with Domino’s and its takeaway franchises demonstrated the considerable number of commercial benefits of playing music within its venues, and we strongly believe this will also be the case for its new dine-in concept.”

Virtual Jukebox gives outlets total control of the music that creates the atmosphere in-store.