Rootstock Trading is planning a big push of its Twisted Burger concept over the next 12 months which it hopes will improve the fortunes of struggling music venues.

The Sheffield­-based bar and restaurant operator has recently opened at a third site, Hope & Anchor, formerly The Anchorage in Sheffield, with a fourth planned in October.

Brand and marketing manager Lauren Dyke told MCA said though rapid expansion was not on the agenda, the group would continue to look at venues in need of a food option to boost daytime trade.

She said: “Music venues do suffer in the daytime when it’s quiet, so they need a cool food concept to bring people in.

“Venues have been suffering for about five years now, because they’re not getting as many tickets sales. We offer food as help along the way to pull the audience in during the daytime.”

The burger concept is planning a new menu in October and is collaborating with music bands, such as Southampton metal outfit Bury Tomorrow.

The brand also plans to broaden its appeal to a wider age demographic.

Dyke said: “We’re growing up a little bit with the concept of the menu. The design is going to be a little bit more simplified. It will still have really cool burgers but the way it’s going to look be a bit more grown up. Our original target was 18—25 but we’re now branching out to everyone else as well.”

The Hope & Anchor opened last week under new ownership by Brands Reunited, with director Nick Whitehurst.

Rootstock built up the Twisted Burger name at festivals across the UK before introducing it to The Harley in 2011.

After taking over The Wick at Both Ends and launching a gourmet food offering, food sales went up 40%.