The Breakfast Club is recruiting a new managing director to take the business up to 30 sites.

In an appeal on LinkedIn, founder and CEO Jonathan Arana-Morton said he needed a new MD because “I’m not quite good enough for us right now”.

He added: “In fact I haven’t been quite up to it for a few years. What 2020 showed me is the weight of responsibility that comes with having the livelihoods of 340 people and their families on your shoulders. You can never take that responsibility lightly. There comes a time when you realise they deserve better than you.”

The Charlie McVeigh-chaired business currently has 12 sites, or ‘cafs’ as Arana-Morton prefers to call them.

He said 2021 offered an open goal for the right business, with huge potential for the right person to help the business realise its potential of landing at “30 Caf Airport”.

Arana-Morton added: “And don’t get me wrong, we’ve continued to open cafs, 12 profitable, successful cafs, but it feels like we’ve been in a holding pattern. When this plane should be supercharged, I’ve flown it round in circles.

“The reason why now is so important is the year 2021. Because 2021 is an open goal for the right business, this business. The opportunity that will exist for businesses that survive will be incredible.”

He called for the right person, rather than someone who has been on the hospitality merry-go-round: “the same old faces don’t interest me, just the right face.”

The founder said the right candidate would be given full support and offered a competitive package with share options.

He added: “Don’t worry about an ego, a protective ‘nothing must change’ founder, I’ve moved on, I’ve realised this is bigger than me now.”