Subway Series Menu InStore

Subway is rolling out the next phase of its digital experience across the UK, with self-serve kiosks and digital menu boards in restaurants alongside a new app and relaunched loyalty programme.

The digital enhancements, which are also being rolled out in Finland and Germany, aim to deliver added convenience for guests, create more efficiencies for franchisees, and help drive traffic and sales.

MCA revealed in April 2023 that the chain was planning to launch kiosks to continue the move towards a more contemporary brand. Speaking to MCA at the time, UK MD Nigel Doughty added that the brand has been transitioning to a more modern interior design over the past few years while also making improvements to its third-party delivery experience.

The kiosks have now been introduced in many restaurants across the three markets, with plans to add hundreds more by the end of the year. Powered by Vita Mojo, the kiosks are connected to kitchen display systems and order-ready screens to improve order speed, quality, and accuracy.

Many restaurants also now feature digital menu boards, which highlight special menu items as well as the latest promotions and offers.

In addition, Subway has rolled out a new app with mobile ordering while relaunching Subway Rewards in the UK, Finland, and Germany. Members of the loyalty scheme can earn points on every purchase, which can be converted to Subway Cash to be used on any menu items with no minimum spend – which the brand claims is a unique offering within the QSR industry for the region.

The kiosk experience mirrors Subway’s app while leveraging Subway Rewards, aiming to provide guests an easy way to explore the menu and ensure a consistent experience across platforms.

Restaurants that piloted the integrated digital experience saw an increase in sales and streamlined operations.

A majority of guests reported that kiosks made the ordering process faster and easier, and that the new rewards programme provided added flexibility and convenience, according to the brand.

The digital advancements are a component of Subway’s more modern, evolved restaurant image, focused on delivering a consistent, high quality guest experience.

In 2024, the brand will continue to roll out the integrated digital experience in select restaurants and markets across Europe as well as begin to pilot the enhanced digital initiatives in other markets around the world.

Carrie Walsh, president, Subway EMEA, commented: “Europe is leading Subway’s global digital evolution by providing guests with an elevated in-restaurant and online experience and more ways for them to order their favorite subs. Early guest feedback on the kiosks, app and loyalty program has been extremely positive and franchisees across the market are eager to bring the new digital enhancements to their restaurants.”

Dan Holm, VP, Global Digital, Payments & Off-Premises, Subway, added: “Digital integration and growth continue to be a key focus of Subway’s transformation journey, and, over the past few years, the brand has made impressive strides. As we think about Subway’s future, we’re doubling down on our global digital commitment to streamline and simplify the guest experience from start to finish and improve operational efficiencies for our franchisees.”