Strada, the Tragus Group owned chain, is to roll out MePlease’s next generation mobile and social loyalty product, after achieving a sharing rate of 20% amongst users. The restaurant chain has been trialling the MePlease platform to register consumers into a new VIP Club, where they can gain loyalty rewards and share their experience with friends. MePlease said its mobile and social loyalty programme helps retailers and brands create offers, which are redeemed through SMS and create on-going loyalty between brand and customer. Entitled “Join”, the programme opts consumers on any mobile or tablet into a brand’s CRM (customer relationship management) infrastructure to drive ongoing communication and engagement. It also enables the delivery of more relevant rewards by facilitating and measuring loyalty through opt-ins anywhere, easy sharing and tracking of social media with data insight. Jemima Bird, marketing director at Tragus said: “We are very pleased with the MePlease loyalty programme. The high sharing rate of 20% is especially good when you consider that even the very best viral advertising campaigns only generate 10% sharing rates. “This is just the beginning though of what we think is a great customer relationship in the mobile social age. Using MePlease we can communicate with our customers in a much more personalized way and reward them for being great brand ambassadors when they share through Facebook or Twitter.” Steve Jarrett, founder of MePlease said: “Driving loyalty is no longer just about emailing your consumers on a weekly basis. Today, driving loyalty comes from brands who are willing to learn about and engage with their consumers via social media and mobile to offer them a relevant and personalised brand experience. MePlease’s platform does just that. We are excited to be the only solution available on the market today that enables any high-affinity brand to take their consumer loyalty strategy to the next level.”