Shake Shack is opening its first-ever cashless kiosk, in New York this month.

Located in Astor Place, the Shake Shack unit won’t have a cashier’s counter, instead customers will order via phones or kiosks and then receive a text from the location when their order is ready for pickup.

Manning these kiosks will be “hospitality champs,” Shake Shack employees who specialize in making customers’ time in the restaurant as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Orders will go directly to the kitchen, which has been rearranged to “eliminate friction time,” Shake Shack chief executive Randy Garutti told CNBC.

Garutti said many customers still pay with cash in its restaurants, but the company wants to see if removing that option will make the dining experience more seamless.

The new unit will still have a similar dining room and waiting area as traditional Shake Shack sites.