Chanticleer Holdings, a franchisee of international Hooters restaurants and a minority owner in the privately held parent company of the brand, has said that its site in Nottingham became the number one franchise store in terms of sales, outside of the US last week.

The company said that the performance of its Nottingham site, which is the fourth largest international Hooters, had confirmed its future plans to expand the brand in the UK.

Mike Pruitt, chairman and chief executive of Chanticleer, said: “We are thrilled to see that the Hooters brand has been well-received in Nottingham. Going from 15th in international sales to the top producing location overseas confirms our future plans to expand our footprint in the U.K.”

Chanticleer entered an agreement to acquire the original Hooters UK site in Nottingham last year.

The group said that it saw the £2m deal to acquire the site as an “extraordinary opportunity for the company and the Hooters brand”.

Nottingham is Chanticleer’s second European and eighth international location.

The company, based in Charlotte, owns the rights to expand the Hooters concept in several overseas markets, including Brazil, where the next football World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics will be held.

Company is progressing with an additional restaurant in Townsville, Australia and recently opened in Pretoria, South Africa.