Diners who do not show up after booking a restaurant table are costing the sector £16bn a year, according to a poll by table management system provider ResDiary.

The survey found between 5-20% of people who reserve a table do not show up which equates to between £4bn and £16bn in an industry that generated c£82bn last year.

ResDiary found 80% of restauranteurs believe ticketing at restaurants is a good idea for the future.

Hari Farzin, digital & marketing director at ResDiary said: “No-shows clearly aren’t a new problem for operators; rather they are a well-documented scourge of the hospitality industry. With this recurrent issue damaging restaurant revenues, ResDiary has developed an integration with payment provider Stripe Connect, allowing restaurateurs to use secure tokenization within the booking process for both online and internal reservations. This integration will play a vital part in reducing lost revenue through no-shows and late cancellations. In addition owners are able to offer genuine customers seats at their desired times; both yield management and customer satisfaction is improved.”

The company said a ticketing system could reduce no shows to around 1.5% - saving the restaurant sector £15bn each year.

Ticketing, as trialled at The Clove Club, is recommended by ResDiary for restaurants that have a limited number of tables.