Neil Lambert, joint managing director of Firezza, the PizzaExpress-owned upscale delivery concept, has told MCA that the brand has stretch in terms of different formats, but that it was focused on expanding its delivery format at present.

Earlier this week, the 20-strong group, which PizzaExpress acquired earlier this year, launched a rebrand earlier this week focused on the demand for “proper pizza” and everyday prices, with its pizzas now available from £6 all day.

Lambert told MCA: “We believe there is a massive demand for what we are calling proper pizza and everyday low price. Judging by the recent launches in Exeter and Milton Keynes we feel there is room for growth all across the country for the business.”

Firezza will launch in Hampstead next, followed by opening in Staines, Reading and Trowbridge.

Lambert said: “We are taking a site by site approach and understanding what is the best sites for that market. We don’t see there being a problem with being next door to or close to an existing PizzaExpress site, they cater for separate occasions.”

Earlier this month, MCA revealed that the company was believed to be scoping out locations to launch a restaurant version of the upscale pizza format.

Lambert said: “There is nothing set in stone The brand has stretch and all things are being considered, but there is nothing in train at present.”

The £6 all day, every day is a 35% reduction on previous pricing for the brand.

Firezza has also developed a new pizza menu, which includes seven customer favourites, such as spicy Piccante, veggie Verde Ortolana and decadent Porcini di Bosco.