The Jamie’s Italian at Istanbul’s Zorlu Center has gone bankrupt, closing down at the end of September, according to Turkish title the Daily Sabah.

Oliver opened the site in Istanbul at the beginning of 2013, but by the end of the same year the restaurant began to face financial difficulties.

According to the Daily Sabah, the company’s lawyer asked for a suspension of bankruptcy on 24, December 2014, stating that the company had accrued debt based on poor financial results.

The restaurant remained open while the case was ongoing, but at the hearing on 21 September 2017 the court ruled for the company’s bankruptcy. The relevant court file for the company’s liquidation was subsequently sent to the Istanbul 3rd Bankruptcy Office and the restaurant was shut down 10 days ago.

Among the partners of the Istanbul restaurant were Tourism Restaurant Investors Association (TÜRYİD) head Kaya Demirer and Nihat Yıldırım, the brother of popular Turkish singer Sezen Aksu

Demirer declined to comment on the bankruptcy, as the court’s ruling has been appealed.