German Doner Kebab (GDK) has unveiled its ‘Doners Worthy of the Daylight’ marketing campaign.

The campaign looks to transform the nation’s perception of kebabs as merely a late night snack or guilty pleasure, and instead focuses on the quality of GDK’s offer and experience at all times of day.

‘Doners Worthy of the Daylight’ aims to speak to those who wouldn’t necessarily opt for a doner kebab, showcasing how GDK differs from the norm due to fresh, quality ingredients that can be enjoyed throughout the day and beyond.

A series of billboard adverts lead the campaign, depicting high-end models holding GDK products.

A £5 OG Doner Daylight Deal is also available until 11 July in GDK’s UK locations from open to 8pm.

The chain has over 170 sites across the UK and has recently renewed its focus on innovation with the launch of a plant-based doner earlier this year as well as a new breakfast range last year.

GDK uses only premium and lean cuts of meat, locally sourced vegetables, and signature sauces made on-site daily, along with handmade Turkish-style bread toasted in the brand’s signature waffle pattern. The food is prepared fresh to order in open-style kitchens in front of customers.

Dr Thorsk Westphal, GDK global CMO, commented: “We can’t wait for people to see the new campaign for GDK, showing how our range of meals is perfect for any time of day. It’s time to recognise the mighty kebab as the go-to hunger smasher, whether it’s day or night, just like it’s already seen and enjoyed in its home country Germany.”

Speaking to MCA last month, GDK CEO Simon Wallis said the brand sees an opportunity to “turbocharge” sales and maximise revenue across day parts with the new campaign.

“We’re turning around those stereotypical associations that the Great British Public has grown up with,” he explained. “Adding a third occasion through breakfast also helps as we expand across multiple channels.

“Historically GDK has taken very little of its sales at late night…a lot of stores did not stay open past 11. We’ve been precious about differentiating ourselves.

“There’s no bigger signal of intent from us than offering the doner for breakfast,” he added. “We’re flexing our product across multiple occasions and pleased with the uptake.”