Homeslice Pizza, the restaurant that begun as a street food concept, is looking for a second site in London following the success of its first permanent restaurant, M&C Report has learnt.

Mark Wogan, who co-founded the restaurant with Ry Jessup, told M&C Report: “We would be foolish not to open another one. The first has gone really well and we are definitely thinking about opening another.”

“It would be in central London; we are looking everywhere at the moment – east, west and north. For us it’s about the right site and feeling right but we won’t know until we see it.”

Although the menu would be the same the restaurant design and feel would be different for each location.

He said he and business partner Jessup would consider opening more sites but only if they did not compromise what the quality of the venture at present.

The company grew from a street food van to its first permanent home in Covent Garden’s Neals Yard in October 2013. The 45-seat site is predominantly restaurant with 10% of its average of 3,000 customers each week coming for takeaway food.

Meanwhile Wogan said the group is considering a return to the street food circuit by looking for “something more professional, or user-friendly, than our existing homemade oven.”