Grind, the artisan coffee house, restaurant and bar group, which recently raised £2m through crowdfunding in less than a week, is going to focus on a two-pronged expansion strategy from now on.

Co-founder David Abrahamovitch told MCA that the group’s recently deal with SSP to open sites in transport hubs gives the company’s café/bar model a home “because I don’t believe in the viability of rolling out that model on to the high street”.

He said: “It is a very competitive market and the economics don’t stack up, with a £5 average transaction, the trading spikes you get and the concentration of trading during the week. I see these guys that are cited as our competitors, I see their plans to roll out loads of A1 sites, which are going to do £8-£15k a week, and I see it as a hard slog. On top of that all the costs have got more expensive across the board.

“We love the café/bar model and the chaos of it, doing 1,000 coffees a day. But finding sites that can do that level of volume in London is difficult, they are few and far between. Whereas put that model in a train station or airport, and you will do that level all day, every day, seven days a week.

“So therefore we will have two revenue streams. We are going to take our time to find exceptional 3,000sq ft sites for the restaurant format. I don’t want to have to five to 10 restaurants a year, because finding those sites is difficult, to be forced to do that is not what we are looking at, and we could break the model and the business in doing so.”

He hopes to open two restaurant sites a year alongside an initial two sites with SSP, before ramping up the café/bar format side of the expansion strategy.

The nine-strong group currently operates four restaurants and four café bars plus its original Shoreditch Grind, which Abrahamovitch describes a “mish mash” of both formats.

In partnership with SSP, Grind will launch outlets at two major London travel locations within the next 12 months, with a pipeline of additional locations in both air and rail under discussion.