Gail’s, the Luke Johnson-backed bakery chain, is looking to double the size of its business to around 100 sites over the next three years.

Marta Pogroszewska, managing director at Gail’s, told the recent Lunch! Trade show in London that the company was seeing “significant like for like growth” and will launch five further sites before Christmas.

Gail’s opened its first bakery in Hampstead in 2005 and currently trades from 53 locations in London, Brighton, Oxford, Farnham and Wokingham.

Pogroszewska said the chain had potential to expand across the country. “We make choices to grow strategically,” said Pogroszewska.

“We could venture in to other areas of the UK, we choose to focus on London because we believe there is so much more to do [there].

“We have an exciting time ahead. We just presented a three year strategy to the board. We have amazing plans to double the size of the business.”

She added that Gail’s was targeting growth in neighbourhood areas rather than in the city centre. “Our busiest shops are in places like Blackheath or Dulwich Village, where people rest at the weekend. Around 60% of our sales come from weekends.”

She said the company was in a strong position for the future but was careful not to “rest on its laurels”. Pogroszewska added: “I think we are good for the next 10 years, I’m not worried about our future. Hopefully we’ll be international by then.”

The full version of this article was first published on BigHospitality.