La Tagliata, an Italian start up restaurant opening in east London next month, is planning to open a second site next year M&C Report has learnt. 

The restaurant is privately backed by three ex-investment bankers - Andrew Davies, Lorenzo Boldi and Carlo Palumbo, none of whom have previously opened a restaurant.

Boldi explained the single dish concept: “We decided to focus on high quality food with a little choice. There is just one starter that will be pasta and the main course is la tagliata or baked Scamorza for vegetarians. The core of the menu will always be the same but with different sauces for the meat.”

The signature dish is a typically Italian meal of thinly sliced steak served with Parmesan, cherry tomatoes and rocket. This will be followed by a select choice of desserts and a cheese board. Boldi likened the concept to an Italian version of Le Relais de Venise – the French steak frite concept restaurant.

Boldi told M&C Report: “We plan to open a second restaurant next year in a similar style but with fish instead of meat and in a different area.” Boldi said he would consider Covent Garden for the second site and the group will “probably open two at the same time if all goes well.”

“In six months we will decide whether to open a second or more. We do not want to become like a typical chain but we do want to open more from a business position,” Boldi said.

La Tagliata, which is due to open on 14 July on Sandy’s Row, behind Spitalfields Market, will be divided into five rooms with different themes to replicate an Italian villa. it will open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner from 14 July, with weekend opening anticipated later in the year to cater for professionals and residents in the local area.