What’s your main business priority over the next 12 months?

An important priority for Clockjack is to build its delivery business in the coming year. The branded restaurant delivery sector has grown dramatically in recent years and I believe that our new Clockjack Deliveries concept is ideally positioned for this opportunity. Rotisserie free-range chicken and salads travel really well and the menu is bang on trend for customers who want great tasting but nutritious food - both key attributes for the urban delivery market.

What is the best marketing campaign you have seen in the past 12 months?

The ubiquity of marketing communication means standing out from the crowd is harder than ever. One activity that stood out for me recently was Fergus Henderson’s special edition Brain Burger for Meat Liquor to raise money for Parkinson’s research. However, I’m not sure a brain burger would increase a) my desire to eat burgers and b) my involvement with Parkinson’s research as the connection is too literal. So not necessarily the best, but certainly one of the most noticeable recent campaigns (and I will resist the temptation to suggest other organ awareness burgers that might follow in the same theme).

Where did you have your best meal over the past year?

It was a small place called Ding Dong in Singapore’s Chinatown area. A very informal restaurant with modern, innovative, expertly cooked Asian food and a look and feel that could easily have been in London’s Soho. I love food in Asia, with Hoi An in Vietnam one of the stand out destinations.

Which business in the sector provides the best experience?

I’m not sure which is the best business for experience, but what I would say is the hospitality industry is a sector for entrepreneurs. Whatever training or larger company experience you have, nothing beats the roller coaster of creating and managing a start-up. When recruiting I like to meet people with a mix of big company training and entrepreneur experience - this is the ideal balance.

What is your main concern for the sector?

On a topical note, I am concerned about Brexit’s impact on the people working in our sector. So many staff come from the EU. They bring a great attitude, experience and work ethic that we won’t get elsewhere. I think many workers in the sector from the EU are upset by the referendum outcome and I really feel for them. Our industry needs to show support.

Which other business (any sector) would you most like to run and why?

Enthusiasm for one’s business sector is essential. I’m lucky having worked in the beer industry and the holiday industry - two of the most enjoyable industries to work in. That leaves a role in the football industry as my final career ambition. So, if Watford FC are ever looking for a new CEO…..