Customer satisfaction with restaurants in the United Kingdom is on an upswing, with limited-service restaurants achieving an all-time high score for customer satisfaction, with 76 points out of 100 during the second quarter of the year, according to the latest National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI).

The report found that full-service restaurants’ scores increased from 78 in the first quarter 2012, to 80 in the second quarter.

With a score of 78, Subway has the highest customer satisfaction of any restaurant tracked, with Starbucks up from 74 to 75 and Costa Coffee up from 71 to 74.

Burger King showed the most improvement in customer satisfaction, up from 66 to 71, passing McDonald’s at the same time, which improved from 68 to 69, its highest customer satisfaction score to date.

The report found that limited-service restaurants have continued to benefit from their lower price points in a weak UK economy.

It said: “In addition to continued price discounting, many restaurants have introduced new menus and healthier options, and according to customers, overall quality and value-for-money has improved.

“Despite having significantly higher customer satisfaction, the largest full-service restaurant chains have no more customer loyalty than fast food outlets do.