Gourmet burger delivery concept Chosen Bun has lined up three new openings for this year, as its begins to grow its presence outside London.

The concept, which is believed to be backed by a number of experienced sector investors, including one the UK’s largest Domino’s Pizza franchisees, opened its second site earlier this year in Cambridge.

It has now also lined up openings in Oxford, Ely Leisure Village and Chelmsford.

Chosen Bun was founded by Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman in 2013.

Last year, Shovel told MCA that there is no concrete number of Chosen Buns in the business plans but there are aspirations for “hundreds of sites”.

The first Chosen Bun opened in Fulham in 2013 as a dedicated gourmet burger delivery and food to go service. Shovel and Sharman designed the store to look like it is part of a larger operation as it is intended to be rolled out.

Shovel said: “We think that with food delivery people require more confidence in the operation so we have gone for the approach of trying to let customers know we are serious about their burger delivery rather than trying to make it look like a boutique restaurant.”