Noodle bar chain Chopstix has launched a site Germany, its first in mainland Europe.

The launch in the city of Munster with franchise partners Westfalen AG and forecourt operator Jorg Binding is the second European launch for the brand after opening in Ireland in 2015.

Max Hilton, chief operating officer at Chopstix Group UK, said: “Germany’s love affair with oriental food is supported by the strong growth of Asian take away. Oriental take away restaurants in Germany grew by 10% over the last three years. Chopstix Noodle Bar fulfils that need with faster, healthier, great tasting oriental fusion food on the move at great value for money.”

MCA revealed last month that Chopstix is aiming to double its estate over the next year and has identified 800 potential sites across the UK.

Menashe Sadik, co-founder of the group, told MCA the plan was to grow through a combination of company-owned and franchise stores to at least 120 by the first part of 2018.

He said that alongside Germany, there was also interest from potential partners in Poland.

Sadik said: “When we stared we thought the scope for us was 300 but now I think that was a case that we didn’t ourselves well enough. We did some research at the start of the year which identified 800 potential sites.

“The strength of the brand is that we are that adaptable. We have 3,000sq ft in Aberdeen and 500sq ft in island units.

“That means that we can look at a lot of different locations - shopping centres, high streets, motorway services, forecourts, travel hubs.

“We are growing organically and have been for some time but we have also had interest from commercial banks.”