BRGR Co, the Lebanese-based burger restaurant group, is looking for a third site in central London as part of plans to open “as many London sites as possible without geographically cannibalising itself,” M&C Report has learnt.

The company opened its first London site at Soho in 2012 and is preparing to open its second in Chelsea in December and may reach five within two years.

Nadim Hammoud, CEO of BRGR Co and a partner in its parent company BRGR Co International, told M&C Report: “We want to do the most that we think the market can handle. The location of the third site is an on-going debate but it will be central London.”

Hammoud said: “Eventually we want to go out from central London to other cities in the UK but first our focus is primarily on London.”

Following four to five London restaurants, Hussein said the group will begin to look at other major UK cities.

He said the business model is currently under review: “We might start to franchise the model out to other companies but before we offer that we want to create a strong and reliable corporate base.”

The growth funding has come from one of the partners of BRGR Co International who has sufficient finance available to undertake the financing of London.

Hammoud said there is sufficient finance available to reach five sites before alternative finance options would be considered.

BRGR Co was founded in Beirut to provide quality food and making gourmet food accessible to a wider market. The concept took off very quickly and spread across Lebanon.

The group has international aspirations; Hammoud said its overseas expansion plans include Manhattan and Dubai, which are “in the pipeline”.